Basic Massages

(See also Special Massages) 

Holist Relaxation Massage / Full Body Massage

* See the description on the Start page.

€ 60,= incl. btw

Mindfullness Massage with the completion of a Stress Reduction Treatment Singing Bowl.

* See the description on the Start page and here by Special Massages

€ 75,= incl. taxes

Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage

Many people suffer from stuck neck muscles, shoulders and back.

With a simple chair massage you can already benefit greatly.

The massage can be done with thin clothing (t-shirt on).

If wish, also on the bare skin with base ph.neutral massage oil (water-based) or biologic natural oils .

Intake: 10 minutes, inventory complaints and wishes and advice from the masseur.

Duration: 40 minutes.

€ 40,= incl. taxes 

Special Massages

Hotstone Massage

This massage is especially suitable for loosening and removing waste products in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin.

The warmth of the stones ensures good circulation and is restorative after mild injuries.

The skin should not be damaged and you should not have a skin condition that is hypersensitive to the hot stones and the oil.

It is massaged with special basalt river stones in hot water and essential oils.

Intake 15 minutes in advance: inventory of details or complaints and * advice from the masseur.

Massage time: 100 minutes

Showering before and afterwards is possible.

€ 75, = incl. taxes 

Singing Bowl Stress Reduction Treatment

Singing bowls and acoustic instruments.

The elaboration of a sound relaxation treatment is an unforgettable experience for many people!

For having an impression watch:

Tip: Preferably wear comfortable cotton clothes that relax well.

The treatment is done. No hands are being massaged.

* Feeling physically, mentally and emotionally and experience the resonances of the sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls on and around your body.

* The vibrations and sounds work through to deeper layers of your consciousness and parasympathetic and sympathetic system.

* They reclaim the stress level and functioning of the hormone system. Enjoy the subtle sounds and physical sensations, focus your attention and let yourself be taken on a journey.

During the sound treatment we work from the Mindfulness awareness, Body awareness and Empathic resonance of the acoustic instruments of the singing bowls.

Intake: 15 minutes in advance.

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes.

€ 45,= incl. btw

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