About Me


Since 2005 I live in Hilversum and what struck me; is the friendliness of the people, the space, the peace and beautiful nature of the environment. Hilversum is ideally located centrally in the country!

My learning style is one of researching, experiencing, doing;

To enter into the experience with open mind; head, heart and hands ......
Much life experience, knowledge and patience, I spent years in meetings with vulnerable people, in psychiatric hospitals such as Community Mental Health Nurse Specialist and Social Worker in people's homes.

For almost 30 years I now work part-time as an outpatient social psychiatric nursing practitioner in the Dutch Mental Health Care & Addiction Care.

As a counterpart to this agitated busy existence, I sought the silence. I became acquainted with Zen Meditation in 1999. That's what I'm charging, I find my inspiration and acceptance, with all the ups and downs that life brings.

I have dedicated myself as masseur to the holistic massage techniques and trained myself with various trainers. Holistic and Relaxation Massage massage at Yvonne Koopmanschap and Evert Klaassen, the Massage Practice Education at Kees Reijn; Hotstone massage; Chair massage; Relaxation massage; Hands and feet massage and body awareness.

Subsequently, I specialized at a 2 years Post Graduate study program at the Hogeschool Utrecht to become a 1st graduate Mindfulness Stress Reduction Trainer and Mindfulness Cognitive Therapist. I am 1st degree accredited member of the professional association www.vmbn.nl   

From Coen Tuerlings  I learned how to treat and work with acoustic instruments, including singing bowls .   https://coentuerlings.mykajabi.com/p/soundfulness-home

The massage treatments that I offer, it is possible to choose from that combination of different techniques, tailored to your wishes and possibilities. You are well aware of it!


"In the massage the giver and receiver meet each other, this mutual trust and respect are the ingredients for recovery and rebalancing of body and soul, in which my love for the profession lies!"

Jos - www.MannenMassageWerk.nl/en