Men's Massage Work

Practice for a Healthy Life in Balance

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Recovery & Balance

My Massages promote your Body Recovery & Mental Balance

 Vision & Treatments

Men's Massage Work

My treatments are tailored to your treatment needs in consultation with you.

You do not need a referral letter from your doctor.

In a short intake i give you a binding advice* in advance.

In case of; illness, fever,  severe skin conditions or severe injuries, i do not treat you and refer you to your doctor or other discipline such as physiotherapist or haptonomist. 

My treatments are diverse in nature. 

Unfortunately, they are not reimbursed by health insurances.

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My vision and working methods are based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training and Focused Consciousness Development.

"Become aware of the relationship between your body and mind"

The materials i use are environment friendly and of professional quality.

I work with natural and PH neutral oils.

Covid Prevention

The practice is open again, taking into account the Covid prevention measures. Before a massage I will ask you to let me take a free Covid test. This will take 15 minutes and i do not count it under massage time. Unfortunately, I cannot massage you if you have a suspicious test result at that moment.  

Restful Atmosphere

Men's Massage Work

has atmospheric treatment and a cozy massage room.

The practice is established at a new adress

Lankforst 1324

6538 HK Nijmegen - Dukenburg

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Experienced Masseur

Men's Massage Work

Is a Massage Practice

for and by Men.

This is manned by

I am an all-round health worker and provide almost 40 years expertise and work experience in the Mental Health and Adiction Care.

With compassion and love for the massage and therapist profession i have founded this Health Practice for and by Men.

Why especially for Men?

Also to help men, who do not usually ask for help, to go over the threshold, to let go of their diffidence, to learn to receive, to relax and to listen to their bodies.

You can disable daily life in my massage practice. 

The time you spend here is your quality time. 

I offer you a special "attention-to-measure" treatment. 

The best in our offer

Holist Relaxation Massage / Full Body Massage  € 55,= incl. taxes

This massage technique promotes balance recovery for your entire body and mental well-being.

Firm (kneading and tapping) massage of the muscle groups is interspersed with soft length strokes and soft rocking of the body.

All limbs and torso are massaged; arms, armpits, legs, knees, feet and hands, the neck, skull, ears and face. Shoulders, back, all places where knots form and accumulations of waste.

The second part of the massage is aimed at relaxation and pure enjoyment. With this massage technique, the client is asked to breathe well on the masseur's strokes. The massage follows the breathing pattern of the client.

Intake 10 minutes: review of wishes & possible complaints, with * advice from masseur.

Relaxing massage music is usually played with this massage form.
Massage 100 minutes.

Showering before the massage and afterwards is possible.

Mindfulness Awareness Massage with completion of one Singing Bowl Healing Treatment.

This massage is a comprehensive combination of relaxation body awareness exercises from Mindfulness and
the Holistic Full Body Massage.

You will then receive a basic Singing Bowl Treatment in which singing bowls are placed on the body, which ensure the restoration of the parasympathetic and sympathetic system of the body.

Intake: 15 minutes: reviewing wishes &
any complaints, with * advice from masseur.

Total duration: 120 minutes.
Showering before and afterwards is possible.

€ 65,= incl. taxes 

Hot Stone Massage

This massage is especially suitable for disposal of waste products in the body and restores recovery after a rehabilitation period.

We work with special basalt river stones in warm water, heat packs, towels and essential oils.

This massage includes length and varies strokes and the deep working of the heat in the muscles.

Hot stone massage is a very vigorous massage, after which you do well to rest at home. And drink good water or tea to drain waste that has been released into the body.

Intake 15 minutes: review of wishes & possible complaints, with * advice from masseur.

Massage duration 100 minutes.
Showering before and afterwards is possible and recommanded. 

€  75,= incl. taxes 

SMS / Whatsapp for your massage appointment  0031 6 83 12 63 00